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What better way to embrace this new week than with a new in post!
On Friday after my lil' sister finished her exams , we went on a bikini hunt, but unfortunately I didn't find anything suitable for my body type. I have a large cup size but a tiny underband, so it is really difficult to find a good bra/ bikini top. I was a bit sad ,but I'm sure that the next time I will find somthing gorgeous.
 All of the stores we visited  had amazing sales. All of the above I bought in sales! So if youu need to buy somthing now is the time!

Skirt, jeans, top- New Yorker

Shirt- New Yorker

Dress- Orsay
Sandals, flip flops- Deichmann  

Shorts- New Yorker

 The watch isn't new just the bracelates, which I bought at Orsay also in a sale.
The two feathered earrings I bought also at Orsay.
The statment necklace I bought at Benvenuti,which is a shoe and handbag store ,but recently they have jewelleries as well.

Have a great week!
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New in
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