Floral dress on repeat! :)

{Zara dress, Leonardo wedges, New Look clutch, Meli Melo earrings, H&M sunglasses}

     I think I wore this dress too many times now. I mean I've shown you so many times before (here, here and here) but it is only because I love the print of it. It's not the most comfortable one, and I don't like the fact that it makes me look like a hunchbacked if I don't arrange it. But never mind, I will still wear it. Maybe not this year cuz summer's nearly over but next year. 
     This photo was taken a while ago and I didn't really want to be overdressed so I kept it simple. I am still struggling with dressing down beautiful dresses, I mean if I wear a dress I don't want to hide the bottom part or the upper part, and usually when I wear dresses it's really hot, so I cannot layer it. In winter time, if I wear dresses I wear different ones and because of the tights it feels really uncomfortable so... I have to figure out a way to wear them more but still feel differently! :)

Have a nice weekend!
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Floral dress on repeat! :)
Floral dress on repeat! :)
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