Lemon & lime

{ Orsay shirt and pants , Asos clutch, Leonardo shoes , Meli Melo bracelet and earrings }

     Wore this outfit for a lunch with my family and some family friends on Saturday. I decided to wear some colors, something that I am trying to get used to, because I am keen on wearing neutral colors more often. But this summer I bought more colorful things, one of them are these yellow pants. The clutch is one of the birthday gifts I got from my sister and my mum. They were so secretive about it that I never thought they would buy me this, first of all because they had to order it on the internet, a thing we have never done before. How do you feel about ordering clothes via internet? We are new to this, and we would like to hear your opinion. Also what sites do you recommend?

Have an amazing day!

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Lemon & lime
Lemon & lime
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