Bloggers Do Oxblood Better!

{Shirt unknown brand, Takko leather skirt, Aggressive sweater, Kittens wedges, Fossil watch}

     So the other day I had a photo shoot and this is the first outfit that my sister choose for me. I was sick for a few days, so I had no idea what to wear, or how to style anything, so she helped me out. We've been Bloggers Do It Better members for a while now, but we have to admit that we barely managed to enter 2 of the 'movements'. Now I decided I want to take part of this one, because honestly oxblood, or how others call it, burgundy is one of my favorite colors! You can check out the other outfits here!
     Stay tuned if you want to see the other two outfits as well! Oh and next week I'll start University, so wish me good luck! 

Have a great weekend,

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Bloggers Do Oxblood Better!
Bloggers Do Oxblood Better!
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