Burgundy and coral

{pants and sweater orsay, blazer pull and bear, clutch h&m, flats deichmann, necklace meli melo}

Hi everyone! This is what I wore today  for my coffee break. I only had 10 minutes to change and another 10 to take these pictures.
I only had one course today, but still I feel so tired, and I drank 3 coffees today (LOL). This was the third week, and still I can't get used to this timetable and the fact that every course is in a different place. But all in all I love being a student! It also has many positive sides; parties , meeting interesting people, if you are lucky studying something that you really like and the perks of being treated like an adult!

Have an amazing weekend!
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Burgundy and coral
Burgundy and coral
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