One of those mornings.

{Zara coat, Orsay sweater and jeans, top from Poland, Raus bag and scarf, boots Benvenuti}

     I know, I know these photos are not the best. My hair is a mess, I am still sleepy and my scarf is not arranged properly. But I have a million excuses. Like I recently started Uni and I am still trying to cope with the huge amount of information that hits me day by day. I try to look my best all the time, but there's no time for me to take photos. I mean it would be awkward and hideous as well, taking pictures between classes, while running from the Uni to the County Hospital. Oh and the breaks we have are hardly enough for us to enjoy a cup of tea/coffee or to eat a proper meal. So I am a bit sad because I find it really challenging to run the blog, I mean look to your posts, comments , like Facebook posts etc. But hopefully I will manage to take more photos, and to keep in touch with all of you! :) 

Have an amazing week! :)

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One of those mornings.
One of those mornings.
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