Lost in my mind.

{ Orsay jeans, Tommy Hilfiger shirt, Stradivarius blazer, Benvenutti bag, Deichmann leopard pumps, C&A sunnies, jewelry I got from my mum as a birthday present }

     I think it is absolutely boring that our last posts were ALL taken in nature, between falling leaves, and so on. The problem is that I live in a place where if you take photos in front of the beautiful buildings they stare at you and think you are absolutely conceited, a feeling we try to avoid. Oh and we don't have so many beautiful buildings, but I promise you I'm gonna take photos in front of places that I think are absolutely gorgeous, one of them, my University of course! 
     Right now I am kind of lost in all the stuff I have to do, this week is my birthday so I'm kind of planning that, and waiting for it anxiously! And of course I can't lose sight of what is really important, Uni. So I have a lot to learn and no time, let along motivation for it.
     I decided I want somehow this blog to reflect my true self, so I'm going to post every time a song that just fits my mood and state of mind.With that said, here is today's song! Hope you enjoy it, and check out other songs from this band, they are absolutely stunning (if you are into indie-folk)!

Have an amazing week!

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Lost in my mind.
Lost in my mind.
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