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     Recently we came across a wholesale fashion shopping site, where we found a lot of great and affordable clothes and jewelry. Basically it is a site where you can find anything from wholesale women jackets  to wholesale wedding dresses . 
     We chose a few clothes that caught our eyes, and we like the fact that it has a wide variety of dresses, skirts and jewelries. As you can see, we tried to sort them out by styles, the first set is for the ones who love to dress glamorous, you can wear the sweater with almost anything and still look chic! The second set is for those who love classic LBD dresses, but still want to shine for a night out in town. The third set is for the ones who love to dress comfortable and cozy. The next three sets are for the girly girls, who love to wear pink, and shiny accessories. If you are one of these girls, you can find a lot of really cute clothes for a very good price! 

Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga

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{ Clothingloves }
{ Clothingloves }
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