Happy New Year!

{ Orsay top, Kenvelo skirt, Accessorize clutch, Zara headband, No name coat, Deichman heels }

     These are not the best photos, but I decided to share them with you because I don't have other outfit photos.  We didn't have time to take photos, although we've been to a lot of great places where we dressed fancy. I wore this a few weeks ago actually, when we went to a concert. I think I never wore this peplum top til now. I bought it because I don't have enough so-called 'party' blouses, but I cannot wear this to parties because it is so thick.
     Anyway, we want to wish you a very Happy New Year, may all your hopes and wishes come true! Cannot wait to see more awesome outfits of  yours! Hope we can keep up with you, we have a lot of plans for next year!

Saci & Kinga
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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
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