{ Happy Birthday, Mum! }

{ Saci: Orsay dress, New Look belt, H&M necklace, Takko jacket, boots from a local store, Benvenuti bag}
{Kinga: Zara necklace; H&M top; Orsay blazer and coat; scarf, scarf and boots from a local store}

     Today we celebrated our mum's birthday by dressing up a bit and going to our favorite place in town, Piaf Cafe. We drank a bottle of wine, after what we went to see Flight in the cinema. You have to see that movie, it's amazing! By the way, we were thinking for a while now to post some photos about our cousin, who also loves fashion. What do you think? Do you want to see male outfit posts?

Hope you have a relaxing weekend,
Saci & Kinga
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{ Happy Birthday, Mum! }
{ Happy Birthday, Mum! }
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