The 20th Students' Scientific Conference

{Orsay pants and coat, Stradivarius blazer, Ottorose shirt, Deichman heels, Raus necklace}

{ Orsay blazer and Zara top }

     We did it! This is the first year that we helped organize this Conference, mainly because I am in my first year of University. I joined the Hungarian Student Association because I wanted to be part of this incredible event, and I am really happy that my sis decided to join as well. Whenever I make a 'big' decision (like buying a dress, speaking in front of a lot of important people), she has to be around so I am really glad that she was there and supported me. 
     I was a so-called 'ülésvezető' (the one who directs a session), I had to read out loud the rules and had to announce the next student who had to present their dissertation, which  was based on a scientific (medical) issue. This event ran for three days, and it was split into the main areas of medicine such as Neurology, Cardiology, Morphopathology, Dentistry, Pharmacology, Orthopaedia and so on. 
     During this whole event, there were some workshops as well. I was lucky enough to take part in one of them, a 'Live Surgery' at the nearest Ortophedic Clinic, where they showed us the bases of this branch in  medicine and an arthroscopic surgery. Here are some photos from the workshop, and the event.

 { we look so important in white coat :) }

     But lets cut to the chase! We liked this event because it gave us the feeling of belonging in a medical circle, it gave us experience, it showed us how to build up a medical dissertation, how to present ourselves and our medical research and it was nice seeing our colleges dressed up. We think, as med students, that dressing up is important in general, because we represent ourselves and our knowledge through our appearance, it's the first thing people see outside of a clinic.
     As I mentioned, the Conference was a three day event, which meant three different 'office-like' outfits. Due to the little amount of free-time we had, we couldn't take outfit photos just on the last day. On the first two days we mainly wore black skirts, white shirts, tuxedo blazers, high heels, just like in the set I created for you guys. Hope you like it!

What is your to-go outfit for these types of events?
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The 20th Students' Scientific Conference
The 20th Students' Scientific Conference
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