Burgundy & Royal Blue

{ H&M pants, Aggressive sweater, Benvenutti necklace & booties, Orsay bag, Fossil necklace }

     I just cannot believe that I found a pair of patterned pants that don't look hideous on me! Because I have wide hips and bigger bottom I couldn't find a pair of floral, or any kind of patterned pants that wouldn't emphasize my body structure. Last week we were just trying on different clothes in H&M and I thought, well I am going to give it one last try, and BOOM they fitted me, and it felt normal as well! Of course they don't make my bump disappear but at least it doesn't make it bigger either! And the greatest thing about them was their price, 40 RON which is like 8  if I am not wrong.

Have an amazing week!
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Burgundy & Royal Blue
Burgundy & Royal Blue
Reviewed by pada mama
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