Perfect weekend ~ part 3

{ H&M pants, Ottorose shirt, Aggressive sweater, Orsay trench coat, Zara bag, Wagoneer loafers }

     This is the last post from last weekend! As I mentioned in the previous posts, I had an amazing time, and these photos were taken on Sunday just before leaving Cluj. We went to a famous Cafe but I was rather disapointed not only because of the super high prices but because of the waitresses attitude. Honestly they should learn some respect, most of the places we go to they aren't kind at all! I get that they have to please a lot of people but that is what they do for a living ...
     BTW this outfit looks a bit like a previous post of mine (here) , but just because I haven't got anything else to style these pants with, only this sweater. I promise, I will find something else! But I think I did a  pretty good job.

What do you think? Which outfit do you like the most?

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Perfect weekend ~ part 3
Perfect weekend ~ part 3
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