Color your life!

{ H&M jacket, skirt, top and necklace; Orsay bag and sunglasses ; Deichmann mid-heels: Mango cuff }


    There are days when I feel under the weather, that's when I dress up, put on a pink lipstick and my favorite perfume, Versace Black Noir . I also love listening to music, Scott & Brendo - Light It Up (feat. Justin Williams) is just amazing and the video always brings a smile on my face. If this doesn't help I go out with my girlfriends for some ice cream or a cool cocktail and gossip a bit. This will always help me brighten up! 
    If you haven't got any plans for the weekend I suggest you should go to the cinema and see The Great Gatsby, it is just amazing!!!! Not only for the visuals , but also for it's plot! Some of the fashions biggest  houses, such as Prada and Miu Miu helped put together the outfits for two party scenes. They picked out the dresses from Prada's past collection and restyled it in a way that they feel more 1920. They also collaborated with Tiffany & Co. and designed different jewelries especially for this movie! So go and watch it, it is simply amazing! 

Have a great weekend!

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Color your life!
Color your life!
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