{ Hometown Glory }

     We live in a tiny city, we mentioned that before, and that sometimes narrows our perspectives especially the ones regarding fashion. Of course there are a lot of attempts to liven up the fashion industry but still it's not enough, even though there are huge potencials! The one thing that we are certainly proud of, and just love about our town is the architecture. There are some streets that look so fabulous, and this one, on which we took photos, is just one of the examples. Sadly, day by day, the beauty of our hometown is damaged because our major has an obsession with cutting the most perfect trees down. 
     The main building in front of which we took photos is the Cultural Palace of our city, it was built to the request of György Bernády, major of our town in the early XXth century. The construction lasted until 1913, so that makes this remarkable building 100 year old! Of  course this is not a draw-dropper for many of you, but in our hometown's history it represents more than that!

PS: We just thought of this song when writing the post! Hope you enjoyed it :)

Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga
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{ Hometown Glory }
{ Hometown Glory }
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