Keep it simple!

{ Shirt here, Orsay jeans, blazer and bag; Deichmann heels; C&A Sunglasses; H&M bracelets }

     This is how I wore this shirt, I kept it real simple with my fave jeans and heels. I find that as summer gets more closer I tend to wear less jewelry. That's because it often annoys me, it sticks to my skin and leaves a mark or in the worst case I get a bad allergy from the metal. Most of the jewelry we buy is not gold or silver and contain metals that combined with the heat and sweat leads to an allergic reaction. Having red spots on your neck or wrist looks quite disgusting and feels annoying. I tend to wear silver a lot and wooden or fabric jewelry.
     Getting back to my outfit I paired it with a tuxedo styled blazer and a big black studded bag. It's an outfit that you could wear to a multitude of occasions, from daytime to nighttime by accessorizing it and by changing the make-up a bit. Love the back of the top, it is just amazing for summer! Like that it has a light fabric and it does not stick to you.

Wishing you an amazing weekend!
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Keep it simple!
Keep it simple!
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