Persunmall wishlist!

     We are always on the hunt for great shirts, blouses for parties and for just going out, but this seems almost impossible. Honestly, we've tried almost every shop, but somehow if we like the print of the top, we don't like the fabric, or the other way around. We found out about Persunmall through some bloggers we follow, and we saw how pretty dresses, tops and clothing they have, we loved the print as well as the fabric (as we could see in photos) so we checked out their site. We love it! :) Of course our first thing was checking their T-shirts, and we found some goodies! 

     Of course the second thing we just had to explore was the dresses section! I think I could never have enough dresses, they make me feel pretty, girly but at the same time bad-ass, cool. Weird, isn't it? Anyway, I have some dresses, but whenever I see a pretty one, a different type, color or fabric I just want to have one! Check out these dresses!

If you like any of these items, check out their site

Hope you are having a relaxing day!

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Persunmall wishlist!
Persunmall wishlist!
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