{ How to style black and brown }

     You know this song, right? I just thought of this when typing: rule no 1! Anyway, this outfit I wore for my first exam, last week. I was never fond of matching brown with black ( I am more likely to wear brown), at least not until I bought my first animal print top! It's the best item to incorporate in these kinds of outfits. If you have some doubts matching the two colors (if we call them colors), hope these very few simple tips help you combat this fashion myth.
     I will try to make more outfit posts like these, but now for two more weeks I am off to study for my exams. We love our blog, but we are first of all students, so our main priority is always studying, blogging is just a hobby, we do it because we love it, it's not a source of income and will never be!!! We want to accomplish our dreams by hard work and that sometimes means studying for six weeks in a row, without a break. (At least the weather sucks, it's not a temptation!)

Have an amazing weekend!

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{ How to style black and brown }
{ How to style black and brown }
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