Pastel colors!

 { Wearing everything from Orsay except shoes which are from Leonardo and necklace from Zara }

     This is an outfit dedicated to my favourite brand, Orsay! I feel a bit weird because now that we have H&M in our town, we kind of forgot about it, but oh boy, they still make the most perfect clothes! At least for me. I did some shopping a few weeks ago, and it was my first stop. A lot of people complain about the fact that it is too expensive, and it's true, these pants cost me 3x as much as my H&M similar pants, but the material is way better and I feel more comfortable in them. 
     BTW, I feel that clothes bought in  Romanian H&M's  have different material,  a lot of them are badly sewed, have a worse quality compared to the other H&M's in Europe. Am I right, or am I just overreacting?

Have an amazing day!

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Pastel colors!
Pastel colors!
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