{ Bustier }

{H&M bustier, necklace,sunnies and bracelets; Stradivarius skirt; Asos clutch; Deichman heels}

     Me in a bustier? Well I wasn't sure if I should buy it or not, but for 30 RON (6-7 Euros) I had to buy it! I know I don't have the figure to wear it, but I decided I will only wear it when I find a cute high waist skater kind of skirt. Yea right, the first thing when I took this amazing bustier home was to try it on with everything! And boom, it doesn't look that bad with this skirt, does it? I styled it up with my new fave necklace and some simple heels and there's a great Saturday afternoon outfit!
     I wore this outfit to the museum with my mum. There's a Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in our town, of course only mock-ups, and since my mum is a huge Renaissance fan, we just had to take a look! There were two other exhibitions as well, Vida Árpád and Nagy Pál, and we just loved it! 

Have an amazing weekend!
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{ Bustier }
{ Bustier }
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