{ H&M shorts, Persunmall shirt, Zara heels, Asos clutch, H&M and Meli Melo bracelets, Orsay belt }

     Hello my dear friends! Finally we are on summer vacation,and hopefully we will be able to make more regular posts! The past week has been hectic, full of traveling and shopping! Finally replaced our laptops with some new ones, we had a lot of trouble with the old ones, but hopefully we won't have any with these ones. On Tuesday we were in Cluj, had some business that we needed to take care of and mixed business with pleasure so I did some shopping. Went to Zara, bought  some new things, the red heels and the other ones will be in our future posts. 
     Got this amazing shirt a few days ago, and couldn't wait to style it. I paired it with white shorts and some killer red heels. Shorts have become this summer's must have item, doesn't matter if high or low waist, any color or pattern.The most important thing when buying one is that it has to look amazing on your butt and it must be comfortable. The shorts from the collage you can find HERE

Have an amazing week!
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