Sunday getaway!

{Orsay pants, Ottorose shirt, New Look clutch, H&M sneakers, Fossil watch, Meli Melo hat, Primark sunnies}

     Yesterday me and my lovely mum decided to take a little tour of Transylvania, and in the mean time, we picked up my sister who was at a sort of a students festival. I decided to show you only the photos we took is Segesvár, because we took way too many! This was our first stop and we were so lucky because the Medieval Festival took place exactly this weekend. I think the title of this event says it all, Segesvár is a very well known town for its medieval architecture but not only, it is the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler also known as Dracula and the citadel is listed as a World Heritage Site.
     Our next stop was Csikszereda, where we had the opportunity to attend a Jewelry Exhibition with pieces collected by Biro Lajos from Oceania. It is just simply amazing how creative people from different tribes were regarding fashion in the beginning of XXth century, they used all kinds of feathers, shells, fangs even some fibers to decorate themselves.
     About my outfit, when I woke up, the weather seemed to be appropriate for wearing pants. Silly me, I should have known that it will eventually get hotter. Anyway, I paired the pants with a pair of sneakers because my main priority was to be comfortable, and accessorized it with a hat and some bracelets! Do you like it?

Have an amazing week!

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Sunday getaway!
Sunday getaway!
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