Trend alert - All white

    White is the universal color of purity, youth and peace. That is why it is the traditional color worn by brides, but it is also the color of mourning in some places. We all know that a white flag represents a symbol of truce, and it is also the color that most doctors wear. But how did it enter the fashion world?
    These days we can see so many bloggers dressing up this not-so-new trend, either when going to the beach or even at a fancy event. Why? I personally think that it comes with a different attitude, women feel more lady like, pure and innocent – which we all know it’s a rather rare feeling amongst the women of today’s society. 
    We can also see that this trend usually fades away in winter time, most of the bloggers and fashion-fanatics wear all white outfits in summer time, when white accentuates the sunkissed skin. Of course , white is a difficult color. It can be easily stained with coffee, ice cream or chocolate; it doesn’t hide the imperfections of a body like black does – that is why chubby girls try to avoid it, but thank God for blazers and belts, everyone can manage to pull off an all white outfit.

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” 
 ~ Coco Chanel

     These outfits are only a few of our favorite all white looks from bloggers we follow: Fashion Painted Dreams, Cashmere in Style, High Street Cardigans, The Lovely Darlings, Absolutely Fabulous, Dana Rogoz, The Indie Chase, Blog Alina Ceusan, Fashion Spot,  Ana’s Diary.  

Cannot wait to see your all white outfits as well!
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Trend alert - All white
Trend alert - All white
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