Fashion Event

{ Orsay polka dot dress and sunnies, Kittens heels, Accessorize clutch }

     When editing the photos, I just remembered, this dress resembles to the dress Princess Diana and Kate Middleton wore after they gave birth! Not like I am pregnant, or anything, just saying! Anyway, I've been saving up this dress for a while now. Honestly, I thought of a different styling, but since we were invited to a Fashion Show, I wanted to look special so I decided to wear it! Do you like it?
     Sadly, we couldn't take enough photos, because we were running late (as always), so I cannot show you my perfect hair and make up that my mum and sis did to me. I wouldn't know what to do without them, I am such a dummy at arranging myself for a special occasion!

PS: I am into Polyvore nowadays, check out my sets!

Stay tuned for Kinga's look!
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Fashion Event
Fashion Event
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