Teleki Castle

{ New Look dress, Meli Melo hat, Orsay bag, wedges, Raus necklace, C&A sunnies }

     This outfit I wore almost a month ago to a castle opening near my town. It was right after I received my shoes so I had to wear them! I think it was the biggest mistake I ever made, the road/path was so bad. Plus there was a beautiful lake, but to get there you had to go down on a little hill (you can see that in the 4th picture!!) . Imagine me with these shoes trying not to collapse. Eventually my friends helped me, honestly it was hilarious. If anyone saw me, must have thought what a stupid girl. But who cares what anyone thinks?! These photos are just amazing, so looking back I cannot imagine this outfit with other shoes!
     But let's talk about my fabulous shoes! They are from a Romanian online shop, we mentioned them in a previous post of ours, here. Honestly, these wedges are so comfortable, and the straps are made of a really interesting material that resembles rubber. I can only recommend them to anyone who loves to be chic and comfy at the same time! You can find on this shop not only shoes, but clothing and accessories as well! If you're from Romania, be sure to check it out!

PS: We dressed up as well!

     Have an amazing week!
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Teleki Castle
Teleki Castle
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