All white?

{H&M shirt, necklace and Conscious Collection pants, Kittens heels, Choies blazer , Orsay bag, New Look cuff}

     Honestly I am still not sure of this outfit, because even though I feel so good in these pants, they are still white and I have wide hips which is not the best combo. But they are the best quality pants in my whole wardrobe, maybe that's why it's called conscious after all.
     But let's talk about the blazer! Isn't it amazing? I just love it! We just started collaborating with Choies, an online shopping site, and this is the first item we chose to buy from it.I have so many outfit ideas with it, but first I have to give it to my seamstress to take out the shoulder pads, I feel so weird with them. I have wide shoulders so there is no need for extra stuff.
     About the location, my sister said she knows the perfect place for taking photos ...  well, I was a bit disappointed because I think this outfit looks better with a solid background, but we were running out of time and I am still so sick, I got the flu. You can see it on my face!
     And my hair ... after seeing these photos I decided I need to dye it ASAP!! I thought I will leave it like this, so that it can grow longer, but I cannot live with it this way. Better shorter but cuter, right?

Have an amazing week!

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All white?
All white?
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