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Back to School #5 by charlottek93 featuring brown motorcycle boots

     I am sure you all know that me and my sister have finished school, but Back to Uni / Back to University didn't seem to sound as good as back to school. We decided to make five collages that have different styles, different clothing items just so more of you can see yourself in either one of them.
     For me and my sister, first day of school/ university was always a big deal. We figured out long before September what we wanted to wear, so when we were going shopping for school stuff (clothes including) we knew exactly what we wanted. It might seem crazy, but we think starting a new school year is just like starting a new year. You promise yourself you will do better, you will learn more, you will have more fun and so on. That is why we feel that we have to dress up for the occasion, making the whole thing more official. And let's be honest, after a long vacation, after not seeing your classmates, some friends and teachers for months, you just wanna make a good impression by wearing your favorite new things.
     Of course, some of these outfits we created might be a bit too much for school, but they are sure perfect to wear for the first day at University. What do you think?

PS: We will show you later on what we have picked out to wear to the first day of Uni.

Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga
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Back to School.
Back to School.
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