Fall favorites!

     As we promised you last Sunday, here are my picks for the upcoming season. Honestly, I’m not sure I will stick to it because sometimes I just feel like wearing different things, or my budget doesn’t allow it, but now I just love these. Fortunately, this week I’ve managed to buy some amazing things, like a real leather jacket – actually it’s the Mango one in the collage, but in chocolate, of course; my first (and second) Zara shoes, some booties with matching bag etc, so I can’t say I am unprepared for fall, but a girl can only wish for more, right? Like, I feel I urgently need some white tees with fashionable sayings and many-many statement necklaces.
     As for what I’ll be wearing, I hope I can stick to colorful and bold prints with edgy accessories. Even though many people dress sober in fall/winter time, I can only hope I won’t fall into this trap!

What are you planning to wear this upcoming season?
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Fall favorites!
Fall favorites!
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