{ fall favorites }

   Here are some of my fav items for this upcoming season. My three key items this season will be: the black leather jacket, biker boots and a tote bag. Once bought, the leather jacket can be used for years to come and it's a stylish yet edgy piece of clothing, that has become a key piece of garment in every women's closet. There are many different biker boots nowadays, so it seems nearly impossible to choose one. My ideal pair would be black with some studs plus they have to be comfy for university days. When it comes to bags I usually choose big tote ones, so I can fit my books,lab coat and many other things I need for university.
   Another staple item for me this fall would be a bold colored lipstick and some mascara. Here are some beautiful ones, my fav color is burgundy and can't wait to wear it.
    Hope you will find these helpful for fall!

PS: Next Sunday we will be featuring Saci's fall favorite! Stay tuned!

Have a lovely Sunday!
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{ fall favorites }
{ fall favorites }
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