"I chose my lovely neon pink dress, which I combined with my Zara leather jacket added some cute little flats , a big black bag and a statement necklace by H&M. I just love this dress so much that I want to wear it in the autumn time as well,not only in summer. By adding some basic fall pieces, a summery item can change its impact and can be worn in many seasons, not just one. Don’t be afraid, experiment with the different textures and styles and make your summer clothes work in the fall time as well!" (Kinga)

"I chose this particular outfit because I feel very comfortable wearing it and because I believe it to be representative as far as my personal style. This burgundy dress was a piece of clothing that I liked wearing this summer and that’s the reason for which I chose to transition it from summer to fall by wearing it with a casual but chic sweater. I mixed this outfit with a pair of black boots and an oversized black bag. In the end I dropped a bit of color on the whole outfit by adding a colorful scarf; in the beginning I wore the scarf around my neck but at one point I felt it looked better hanging by my oversized bag."(Dana)

"I have a lot of beautiful dresses that I only wear during summer time, so I was excited for this collaboration between the two blogs. I chose to wear my LWD because many of us would think that we cannot wear this beloved dress as the first leaves start to fall, but with the right styling I think it is more than possible. First of all a pair of tights is a must, the wind can be pretty chilly, no one wants to get a cold in return for wearing a dress. Initially I wanted to pair this with a bigger sweater, but I liked it so much more with this fluffy one I got from C&A few years  ago. Then I added a bit of color to the look by wearing my new favorite booties and bag from Motivi, and voila. I really love the final result, maybe I should lose the belt next time!"  (Saci)


PS: Hungarian followers stay tuned, we have a surprise for you!

Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga
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