It's all about the textures!

{ New Look sweater and blazer; H&M pants, necklace and bag; Zara shoes; Fossil watch }

     If you've been following us on Facebook you might have noticed that we bought a new camera, it is our first DSLR camera, Nikon D5100. We couldn't wait to take it out for a few snapshots, but because we are not used to these types of cameras, we came home a bit disappointed. Never have we thought it's so hard to take pretty photos!! You actually have to understand the structure of a camera, the different abbreviations and let's not talk about proportions! So I think we will have to work hard for a few weeks, even months til we get the results we really want to.
   But the hardest part is taking photos for each other. We have totally different wishes regarding photographs, and we have to rely ourselves on the other, which is really hard. I know what I want, but many times my sister has no idea of it, so I am so disappointed when looking back the photos. I always feel I put more effort in the ones I took than the ones that were taken by my sister. Have you ever had this feeling? It is absolutely horrible. Hope my sister will get the hang of it!!
     About this outfit, well I woke up feeling very under the weather, so instead of playing with colors or prints as I usually do, I decided to play with the textures. I am not sure you can see it on the photos, but my pants have a baroque pattern which combined with the really fluffy and comfy black sweater/top and the grey oversize blazer looks great! Because I cannot leave the house without a bit of color, I put on my new Zara heels which I am not really sure of, because from the front they look like high heels, but they are really low ones, so it's just weird. I have to get used to them!

PS: If you have the same camera, or you have some suggestions please do not hesitate to comment us! We are really looking forward to learning new stuff!

Have a fabulous day!

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It's all about the textures!
It's all about the textures!
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