Lake Saint Ana

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Had an amazing road trip weekend! I visited on of the most beautiful places ever, Szent Anna lake/Lacul Sfantul Ana. This places truly is one of natures treasures! The lake is situated near Tusnád fürdő/Tusnad Bai and is surrounded by pine forest. It felt like the see side moved into the forest, weird but that's how I felt there. Had a lovely walk by it and enjoyed the sunny weather and the fresh air. Dipped my feet into the water and surprisingly it was warm.  Enjoy the pictures! 

The name of “Saint Ana” is explained by two legends. The first one says that a long time ago there was a girl, Ana, who used to live here. This young girl was forced by her parents to get married, even if she didn’t love her future husband. On her wedding night, Ana ran, threw herself in the lake and lost her life. Her body disappeared in the depths of the waters and since then the lake was called Saint Ana.
The second legend is a story about two brothers who were emperors. One of them was bragging with the greatest carriage of the county. In his trial to prove that he is better than his brother, the other emperor built himself a carriage too. Then, he put the reins on eight beautiful girls. One of the girls was a young virgin, named Ana. The weight was too big for the girls to handle and Ana started praying and cursing on the emperor. An awful storm started and killed the emperor and burnt his palace to the ground. This is the place where a lake by the name of Saint Ana was formed.

Have a lovely day!
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Lake Saint Ana
 Lake Saint Ana
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