Love me again

Bershka - knitwear
Local Store - skirt
Zara - bag
Stradivarius - heels
Local Store - necklace
New Look- bracelate
Firmoo - glasses

Sorry about my messy hair, but I am letting it grow. It is really frustrating because every day seems to be a bad-hair-day. I mainly wear it up, using a million bobby pins, this way it won't bother me. I never regretted chopping of my hair, but the growing process is killing me! I can truly say that I had almost every hairstyle (except bald, which I will never try out) most of which I really enjoyed. Now I am thinking of changing my hair color, I would really like it to be a lighter color,but not actually blonde. I found some lovely pictures online and hope that I will put my thoughts into action and make an appointment at the hairdresser for next week!

Took these pictures with my lovely friend Edina this past weekend. It truly felt like the last day of summer, it was hot and the sun was shining bright, since then it has been raining and it got really chilly outside. But lets get to the point and talk about my outfit! I found this lovely neon jumper at Bershka on sale, and I fell in love with the back detail! I also got the heels on sale  at Stradivarius, the rational part of my brain said that I shouldn't buy them because I wouldn't get the use out of them, but my heart wanted them really bad! The skirt I got a long time ago, safe to say that more than 5 years ago, I really like the shape of it. Paired it with a colourful statement necklace, a gold cuff and camel tote bag.

Have a lovely day!

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Love me again
Love me again
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