Rocker chic?

Mango jacket 
H&M pants and accessories
 Bershka sweatshirt
 Motivi bag and booties

     Well, well, these photos turned out to be worse than the first ones. My sister is a bit clumsy with the new camera, she took like 150 photos, I deleted like 100 of them on spot, and the other 50 were still very blurry so these few photos remained only to be shown. I really like the detail photos that she takes, she just has to learn how to take the full body ones. But she will eventually get the hang of it, right? 
     We thought we will take some great photos today featuring the red dress we ordered from Persunmall (no, I haven't forgot about it!) but the weather is just awful. But I promised you I will show my take on the dress, so eventually we will show you!

PS: If you are from Romania and you are studying medicine or work in the field, we have a perfect giveaway for you guys! You can find more details about it here 

Have an amazing day!
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Rocker chic?
Rocker chic?
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