The perfect leather jacket!

Zara - leather jacket, bag, sandals
H&M - shirt, earrings, bracelet
Orsay -  pants
Bershka - necklace

     Hello guys! Hope you had a lovely weekend, I for one had a lovely one. On Friday we had a meeting with the lovely Dana from Fashion as I love it, check out her page, and discussed a collaboration between the two blogs so stay tuned for that. 
     So I have told you before that I was looking for the perfect leather jacket, well I have finally found it at Zara. It was love at first sight! I love the design, the color and the shape of it. I feel like a bad ass wearing it! And it goes with literally everything in my wardrobe. I have a feeling that you will see it in many other posts!

Have a lovely day!
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The perfect leather jacket!
The perfect leather jacket!
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