Budapest diary! - part 2

     I left Budapest. The two weeks spent there were truly amazing, I already miss being there. Hope I can revisit it soon. It is so weird that it's not even that far away from where I live, but the mentality, the people are so much more educated and normal. I am sure everywhere we can find stupid people but somehow everything is different there. Sometimes I just hate that I live in Romania.
     BTW sorry for the quality of the photos, I took the old camera with me and left the DSLR to my sister. But one of my friends was kind enough to take some pretty amazing photos, hope I can soon show them to you! Also, during my stay there, I met up with Festy, a very famous Hungarian blogger and we talked about collaborations between the two blogs. Don't really know what, but I am pretty excited!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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Budapest diary! - part 2
Budapest diary! - part 2
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