He that seeks, finds!

H&M - jeans, denim shirt, necklace
Zara - bag
Deichmann - heels
Atmosphere - blazer

Hope you had a lovely weekend!  I spend some quality time with my family and friends and did some serious relaxing.
I did some digging in my sister's and my mom's closet and stumbled upon some treasure! This blazer is one of them! My sister bought it two years ago, but never wore it and I just couldn't resist but to steel it. It is 2 sizes bigger than what I usually wear, but I like it this way. Not only the oversized style but also the color was a big bonus. I also found a lovely dark green pencil skirt, which needs some refitting,but can't wait to show you guys!
My suggestion for all of you girls is to go through your mothers, sisters or even aunts closetI am sure you will find some lovely things which she will no longer wear!

Have a lovely week! 
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He that seeks, finds!
He that seeks, finds!
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