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{ Persunmall shirt, Orsay skirt & coat, H&M bag & necklace, Kittens heels, Zara hair accessory }

    We have Freshmen's Ball today, that is why I decided to go to my hairdresser for a perfect 20's look! Do you like it? I absolutely love it! It reminds me a bit of Eva Braun.
     Anyway, I thought it would be nice to take some photos in an outfit post as well, plus I had to show you guys this shirt that I got from Persunmall! It's huge, but tucked into my new skirt I think it looks great! Hope you won't notice that in some photos my skirt is not in the right place, I mean the pleats. I had such a horrible day, I am so happy I managed to at least take some photos because as you can see, it was getting dark. At 4 o'clock!!! When do you take your photos? Honestly this is our biggest problem, we never make it out in time!!

PS: I promised this would be a special post, unfortunately we had no time to make this post as we wanted to!! We thought we will have enough time to take photos of both of us, but next time! :)

Have an amazing weekend!
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Classy & Fabulous
Classy & Fabulous
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