Lady in red - reloaded!


{Persunmall dressOrsay trench coat, H&M necklace, Benvenutti bag,Deichmann heels}

     Hi everyone! I promised you a long-long time ago that I will show you my styling of this beautiful red dress we got this summer! I don't know if you remember, but we ordered this dress for my sister, and when it arrived we were really shocked to see it fits me as well! Rarely does this happen to me! Anyway, hope you like this look, and if you cannot remember my sisters styling, click here.
     BTW, thank you so much for your lovely comments when asking for solutions to our photos quality! Some of you advised us to switch to Flickr, and we are really happy with the result! I mean, the quality is just so much better! Thanks again! 

Have an amazing weekend!
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Lady in red - reloaded!
Lady in red - reloaded!
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