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     Isn't this watch just adorable? I totally love it!!  I am not a huge watch collector, so this was definitely something that I urgently needed! I was so happy when this lovely site, Born Pretty Store asked us to write a review for them. Since I had so many things going on these couple of weeks, I had no time to take an outfit photo with this watch, but I promise I will in the near future! I already thought of some cute boho-chic outfits I can incorporate it in!
    Anyway, when I first saw their prices, I was shocked! How can something this cute be so cheap? We are so used to spending a lot of money on designer/fast fashion clothes but the truth is, you can find great stuff for less as well. I was really satisfied with the quality of it, plus they sent it in a very cute box, so what's not to love about it?

You can find this watch here!

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{ Born Pretty Store }
{ Born Pretty Store }
Reviewed by pada mama
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Rating : 4.5