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{ Zara jacket; H&M bag, blazer, jeans & top; Orsoly necklace; Benvenuti booties; Firmoo glasses, New Yorker scarf }   

     I know the title is weird coming from a girl who is usually dressed up in H&M / Zara / Orsay clothes, but the problem is we have so little time that whenever shopping, we choose a mall where we can buy everything all together. Imagine how much time we would need if we would buy the cosmetics, the jewelries, the food and so on, all in different places! But near the Christmas holiday, I  usually get in this spirit of supporting local businesses, I try to buy cute decorations from different charity cases and so on. That is why, when a local girl, Orsolya asked us to promote her lovely necklaces, we immediately said yes! The best part? You get to enjoy this lovely collaboration too, because we are giving away one necklace to a lucky winner!

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{ Support local businesses }
{ Support local businesses }
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