Oh, so white!



{ Orsay dress, Motivi boots, Zara bag, Pull & Bear necklace, Oasis coat, Fossil watch }

     When I saw this beautiful scenery in front of our apartment, I knew I have to capture it! I just love snow, and missed it awfully during holiday! I am sad it came when I am in full exam period, I would really like to go out skiing or sledding! BTW, I think, I never showed you guys this necklace. I bought it when I was in Hungary. It is totally my style, big and burgundy! Haha!
     Oh and my hair, me and my mum have been "experiencing" with it. I am so clumsy, I can't do anything with it, so we tried to curl it up, several times. But I have really strong hair, so almost none of them worked. I've tried the one with the hair band, I woke up with flat hair, I tried the flat iron, but that is way too complicated to use (for me), plus sleeping with those traditional curler thingies is just impossible! So angry me just fell asleep with my hair braided, and voila! Magic happened! Of course, it only remained like this for a few hours, but that's a good start! :)

How do you usually curl your hair?

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Oh, so white!
Oh, so white!
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