{ London Fashion Weekend }

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     As many of you might know, London Fashion Weekend was held at the Somerset House, a perfect place for such events! There was a huge tent in the middle of the court, where the different talks, fashion shows and some of the shops were, plus round and round the building you could enjoy many more shops, the Kinder Bueno corner, the Toni and Guy salon  or why not a 10 minute free back and shoulder massage! Of course we signed up for a treat just before the show, because we were so tired from all the walking around the city.
   What  I truly believe is that during these events, you really have to find the place where you feel the best, at your ease. I know this sounds crazy, because we talk about a fashion show, but let me just tell you: people here are just so insane, fashion freaks, shopaholics that you might feel really out of the league, like you don't belong there. But that is such a stupid way to think. Just because daddy or super rich boyfriend didn't buy you a Michael Kors bag with what you can make your way through the huge crowd, doesn't mean you are not as valuable. This is what I realized after eating way too much Kinder Bueno in my fave spot in the whole place.

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     So the shops. Well, there are so many talented designers that you just can't get enough of them. From hand made hair accessories (btw, there's a really cute video with the designer, check it out here) to funky T-shirts and night gowns, you can find everything here. We only took some photos because we rushed to buy the March issue of Elle for 1 pound only! We actually bought two, one for each of our flats, crazy right? Oh, and just so you all know, an Elle magazine in England is 414 pages (yes,I just checked) not only 186 pages (again, I checked) as in our so 'madly loved' country. 

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    Truth to be told, I wasn't overwhelmed by this talk, it was more like a live advertisement for Label.M products that the Toni & Guy crew used on London Fashion Week and Weekend. But we did receive some samples in our goodie bags, a hair spray and a brunette dry shampoo, which are quite nice. Plus they were talking about the Label.M Resurrection Style Dust, which I would be really interested in, if I only knew how to style my hair properly. Oh btw, we really wanted to include some 'official' photos in the post, but we haven't found any on the internet so, all of these photos are ours. 

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     I think the photos just speak for themselves. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Yes, yes, yes! I want more of it! I think we got a pretty good place to sit (the banches were so uncomfortable - but at a sight like this, who cares?) so we could take photos for you, guys. So, Amanda Wakeley is a pretty well known designer in the UK, she designed dresses for really important and famous people such as Beyonce, Angelina Jolie , Kate Winslet oh and let's not forget the British Royals Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. She is widely known for her 'clean glam' signature style and for the glamorous evening and cocktail dresses. But as fashion is developing into a more lifestyle approached one, she has decided to design everyday clothes as well, jumpsuits and bags. This collection was inspired by Africa (all of the prints and chunky jewelries) but still it has the fine touch of her unforgettable style. We took some videos as well, but somehow only managed to upload one to Instagram, you can see it here


     Of course we sneaked out to take a walk on the Victoria Embankment street to take some photos in front of the London Eye, Big Ben and telephone booths (just don't open them - the smell will take away that lovely excitement off your face). If you haven't seen the photos, do not forget to check them out here. So when it all ended, we were really tired, we just wanted to go home and sleep. Next day, I had to take photos of the goodie bag, but unfortunately we forgot to put the Label.M product because we just used them. The tote bag was designed by Julien Macdonald, another amazing designer, whose show I would really like to attend in the (near) future. 

So all in all, it was such an amazing experience, I really hope I can attend it in the future as well! Hope you liked this post!

Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga
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{ London Fashion Weekend }
{ London Fashion Weekend }
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