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     I won't name this post Instalife or Insta-related anything because some people just think they own the name because maybe they have thought of it sooner than others, so I'll just name this Instagram - a name no one can say I stole. With that said, here are my fave photos from Instagram! I planned to take some photos today, but I was so tired from the Student's Conference and the party after it, that I just decided to leave it for another time.
    These photos represent us so much, we are addicted to Instagram and we just like to post about food, including desserts, silly photos with Elle magazines just to make it more fashionable, our shopping and blogging adventures and of course we love to post photos of us, and let's not forget about the (in)famous selfies.

For more photos you can follow us @kavasisisters

PS: If you are from Romania, don't forget to mark your calendars:

Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga
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