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     If you are following us on Instagram or Facebook you might have noticed that online shopping at Zara launched yesterday, 2th of April. Lucky for us, some bloggers were chosen to spread this amazing news by indulging in some Zara goodies. We were really happy to be included in this project, not only because of it's benefits, but also because we think this is a step in our blog's little history. Every little collaboration, every voucher get's us to a higher place, to higher audience and this way we can "influence" and give you guys more and more information about fashion not only abroad but here in Romania as well.
     Because this is a reason to celebrate, we decided to buy something similar, and make an outfit post featuring the both of us. Sisters don't usually like to dress up in the same things, but we are different now. Even though we fight a lot (the pressure of the university is higher and higher) we really love each other, we do almost everything together. Our mutual love for fashion gets us closer every time, so there's no reason to stop. This is the perfect moment to show you not only our fashion sense, but our true selves.
     Oh, before making my sister and mum cry, you should know, we have no idea where to shoot the photos, or how to style these babies, but we have a concept. Hope everything will go well, and you can see the post next week!

For our lovely Romanian readers, here are some dry fact about the online shopping:

Opţiuni de livrare
Livrarea va fi gratuită în cazul în care clientul optează pentru ridicarea comenzii de la un magazin Zara, durata expedierii fiind de la 4 la 6 zile lucrătoare. Vor fi disponibile şi alte două modalităţi de livrare: Standard (19,00 Lei.): 3-5 zile lucrătoare sau Expres (49,00 Lei.): 2-3 zile lucrătoare .
Plăţile vor putea fi efectuate cu cardurile bancare Visa şi MasterCard.
Schimbări şi returnări
Politica de schimbări şi returnări este identică cu cea oferită în magazinele fizice: în termen de o lună, articolele nedorite vor putea fi ridicate de la domiciliu sau returnate la magazinele Zara. În orice caz, returnarea nu are niciun cost pentru client.

Let the shopping begin!

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{ Dear Romania }
{ Dear Romania }
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