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Luna Marin Build Your Bracelet
Luna Marin Tangle Free, Interchangeable Jewelry

     When we discovered this site we were so amazed, we think these bracelets look just wonderful and it is such an amazing idea to build your own tangle-free bracelet! We are really happy that they are holding a giveaway, we really hope one of our followers will win this lovely piece!

Some facts about this lovely site:
  •      The premier collection, Strands by Luna Marin, features unique, tangle-free bracelets with interchangeable Strands you can switch up as often as your style (think of them as the modern girl's answer to the charm bracelet!)
  •         Because you pick your Strands, each bracelet is as original as the person who wears it! 
  •      Because of this, we happen to think Strands are the perfect gift to commemorate a special occasion/birthday, etc.!
  •         You can mix and match Strands to create endless combinations
  •         The pieces are handcrafted in New York
PLUS, now you have a 10% discount code you can all use on this site from today til May 7th: LoveLunaMarin

    This giveaway is open from April 21st (today) til next Monday, April 28th. All you have to do is follow the instructions of the Rafflecopter!

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CLICK HERE to earn additional entries (more chances to win)!

We keep our fingers crossed for you guys!
Saci & Kinga
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{ lunamarin giveaway }
{ lunamarin giveaway }
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