Mirror on the wall, here we are again ...



H&M dress, boots, rings (similar here & here)
Persunmall bracelet (here)
Mango jacket (similar here) 
Motivi bag (similar here)
Orsay sunnies

     Sorry for being MIA, but you see, we were really really busy with the students day. This a tradition in our town, once a year all of the students gather up in groups/teams to play different games, compete in sports and so on. Of course we cannot miss this event, since it is the highlight of the year. We were part of different groups, and mine won the 4th place which is pretty amazing considering we started this team last year, not 10 years ago, like others. 
     Anyway, I wanted to post these pictures sooner, but I've been home only at night to sleep a bit, so I had no time to publish them! I wore this outfit some time ago when we were in Zalau, during Easter time. I just adore this dress, I never thought I would own a mirror print dress, because most of them were bodycon dresses which don't suit my body type, so I was sooo happy to see this beauty at H&M! Plus for 40 lei (8 euro) I think it was a bargain!
     Oh and I never thought I would get addicted to my leather jacket, it is such a versatile item, I really need to invest in a black one and preferably a colorful one as well! I only have this leather jacket, because I don't really want to buy the (really) cheap, bad quality ones I can only wear one or two seasons. I rather invest in them, so that they last longer! 

Have a relaxing Sunday!

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Mirror on the wall, here we are again ...
Mirror on the wall, here we are again ...
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