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{Saci: H&M dress, Kittens heels, ReKKo design earrings, H&M rings, hair accessory & bracelet, New look bracelet
Kinga: Persunmall dress worn as a top, H&M jeans, Stradivarius heels, Mango bag, ReKKo design necklace, Firmoo glasses}

     Three years ago, two sisters were wondering what to do with their spare time. With the summer holiday coming, they wanted something to work on, they wanted to do something out of passion that will help them in many ways. So they decided to start a fashion blog. Little did they know what this really meant, how much it would change their life and how many great memories, friends and experiences they would get out of it. The only thing they wanted is something more fun to do in summer than studying for exams and watching series all day long.      In that moment, a blog was born. Out of pure joy and dedication. They had no idea what to name it. What would they write about? What would they share with their followers and friends? The first thing that popped into their head was to name it with things they really love. They knew exactly what was their mutual love: fashion. But that was such a small word compared to what they had in mind. Because they thought themselves very independent, they decided to add something of their own to the name. Chocolate for Saci and coffee for Kinga. After deciding on these three words, the final name came with an ease: Chocolate Fashion Coffee. 

    To celebrate our third year anniversary of blogging, we decided to play around with our blog's name and make a photo shoot based on these three words. We often get the question: "What does your name mean? Do you sell chocolate or coffee? Why did you name it like this if you only post fashion related articles?" Well, we honestly didn't knew what we were doing back then, and because we really liked this name, we kept it. 
     So let's get down to business and talk about the three essential things in this post.


In our last post we showed you some amazing accessories by ReKKo design, and now we show you how we styled them in two different ways. For a more down-to-earth, natural and simple look, Kinga chose to wear her necklace with a pale pink top from Persunmall and add a little color to it by wearing it with a red tote bag. Of course you cannot really see it, only in the first photo, but you get the idea, I'm sure! For a more extravagant, outgoing look, Saci decided to wear the oversize earrings with an animal print dress and with her hair in a pony tail.


In our town, we have some great places where you can have a coffee or eat something sweet, but somehow our favorite place will always be Piaf. They recently opened a new venue, called Mini Piaf, a perfect place to hang around with friends, a more casual place compared to the Piaf Cafe. Of course, when we thought of this photo shoot, we imagined it with pancakes, brownies and a lot of chocolate and coffee! So we are really happy we could manage to take the photos there, it was a bit of a chaos, to tell you the truth but all in all it went perfectly, and we thank everyone from Piaf who helped us in this! 

And of course, you might have noticed from the first glance, that our photos for this event are more professional and more pretty. We have to thank Julia Papp for these amazing photos. She just understood us and knew exactly what we had in mind! 

Hope you like the result of our special post. We are really thankful to all of our followers and supportive friends, hope we inspired you in any way possible and hope we will keep on inspiring you! If you have any questions, suggestions please let us know! We will gladly answer them, or if you want to see anything in particular, if you want us to post about something, just comment us here or on Facebook

Special thanks to:
ReKKo Design for the amazing accessories
Julia Papp for the photos
Piaf Cafe for the venue 

Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga

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{ 3 years of blogging }
{ 3 years of blogging }
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