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     What/who is a diva? By definition a diva is a famous woman singer, especially an opera singer but as most of the words have changed their meaning in the last couple of decades, this word has also. First thing I did was Google it out, and it seems that people have various opinions on this matter. Some of them really rude, and some of them really interesting. I truly believe that a diva is not a "a bitchy woman that must have her way exactly, or no way at all. Often rude and belittles people, believes that everyone is beneath her and thinks that she is so much more loved than what she really is. Selfish, spoiled, and overly dramatic."  
     Everyone has some principles that they live by, and that makes people so unique, that is why this word has totally different meaning for everyone. For some, diva might be a person who is preoccupied with her looks, she wants to reflect a perfect life via every digital channel they know, thus showing superiority, and flawlessness. For people like myself and I hope for many of you guys, diva is a strong, independent woman who can make her way into this messy world without the support of an alpha male, but by her own hard work and dedication. Of course a diva is conscious, she knows her flaws, she knows her strengths and tries not to create a false image of herself. She tries to build her life, and tries to help others realize that life isn't always perfect, but if you fight for what you want, everything will be better.
     Why did I start with all this? Well this week, me and Dana drove to Bucharest to attend Digital Divas, the only major beauty, fashion and lifestyle event dedicated to the active women in social media in Romania. It was my first time in Bucharest, so I was really excited to go. I was a bit nervous also, but I had such an amazing time! During our six hours trip, I realized that Dana has the same principles that I have, so talking with her was easy, we agreed on almost everything. Unfortunately, when we arrived it was raining cats and dogs, so my perfect curly hair (thanks to my sis) straightened out totally. You can see the photo from Instagram which I took in the car, and later on, I wore my hair in a pony tail to avoid the 'wet look' because I don't really like it. 
     I finally met some of my favorite bloggers Julie, Cristina & Dorina and they were so cute! It is such a great feeling finally meeting a person who you've been following for years! I am really happy that now you all know how to pronounce my name, and hopefully you won't call me sacks or bag. Honestly, I was expecting it, a lot of people cannot pronounce my name, but it doesn't matter! You will have plenty of time to learn it when you come to Targu Mures! I also met Beatrice, she is a new blogger, a true lady, a diva by all means! 
     I think events like these are perfect time for getting to know other bloggers, networking plus a little party never killed nobody! Of course I hoped I would learn something from the speakers, but to my disappointment most of them were small talks, bragging and non-sense. Hope I will get the chance to attend many of these events, and I really hope I can eventually meet all of my fave bloggers,and all of you who've been following this blog!

PS: If you are interested who won at the Digital Divas, you can find out here. Plus our blog will turn 3 years next week, we will try to prepare a lovely post for you guys!!

Have an amazing day and good luck with your exams!
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{ Digital Divas 2014 }
{ Digital Divas 2014 }
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