Oh I wish I was ...



{New look dress, H&M bag, Aldo wedges, Sammydress necklace}

     Well, I had a dilemma with these photos. Should I post them, should I not? I know this dress might be a bit too short for me now, but I have thought of this outfit for sooo long, ever since I won this lovely hair accessory! Plus we just received this amazing necklace that fits this look perfectly. So I asked Kinga, I asked my mum, and they said it's ok for me to post them. So hater's gonna hate! 
     Oh and the surrounding is perfect!! So how could I not post these beautiful pictures? During our photo shoot a lot of people were staring (I'm sure because of the length of the dress, anyway)  so I went through a lot of "stress" to get these photos. So again, another sign that I should post them.
     I hope you won't find this look "inappropriate" or not decent etc, but you have to understand, I am in exam time so my brain doesn't function without the extra sugar! :))

PS: Not leaving anything unsaid, let's finish the sentence from the title "... a punk rocker with flowers in my hair!!" Please tell me you love this song as much as I do!!! 

With that said, au revoir, genetics is waiting for me!

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Oh I wish I was ...
Oh I wish I was ...
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